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Title:Why it's harder to earn more than your parents

In the 21st century it's got harder to earn more than your parents and to climb the social ladder. What's gone wrong, and what can be done to change this? Film supported by @mishcondereya 00:00 - Why it's harder to get rich if you're born poor 03:29 - Social divisions are increasing within society 04:11 - Changing patterns of social mobility over time 05:41 - Education as a determinant of social mobility 09:16 - Class barriers to further education 10:48 - Levelling the playing field 13:59 - Social inequality starts from birth 18:05 – Where you grow up matters 19:23 - The ‘opportunity atlas’ of America 21:48 - The importance of social capital 24:14 - What can governments do? Read our latest coverage on the US: Listen to our podcast on Social mobility and the American Dream: Sign up to The Economist’s daily newsletter to keep up to date with our latest stories: How has Covid-19 impacted inequality? Watch our video on how modern families increase inequality: Is the American elite born or made? Read how colleges affect social mobility in America: Listen to, or read about how Britain is witnessing a jump in university attendance: Americans overestimate social mobility in their country: The Democrats’ social-spending package cannot repair the American Dream: Two leading economists disagree about the flagging American Dream: New data show that joining the 1% remains unsettlingly hereditary: How helping families relocate could increase economic mobility: The extent to which children’s futures depend on where they live: Why legacy places should be abolished:


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