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Title:Examination of Thyroid - Surgery - Prof. Ashraf Khater

Surgery for Medical Students Learning Surgery Episodes Prof. Ashraf Khater professor of surgery and onco-surgery , Mansoura university , Egypt أ.د/ أشرف خاطر أستاذ جراحة الأورام - كلية الطب جامعة المنصورة Production : Alnafis Healthcare Network +201005865667 +201024492446 +20502375606 شبكة النفيس الطبية ِ Operative Surgery for Undergraduates Basic trays for surgery. Need to know all of them. This is just a small percentage of instruments that you need to know if you are going into the surgery field. A guide to surgical instruments - what's on a basic surgical tray and what are they for? When you are doing surgery you need to know what the instruments are called and what they are used for. In this easy to follow guide. You'll learn the names of the instruments, why there are that shape, what they are used for, and some top tips on how to use them. Essential for medical students, people starting surgical training and student nurses on theatre placement. Scalpel & Blades - Essential Surgical Skills The VIDEO also offers individuals with a basic knowledge of instruments further information about the instruments and the correct way of passing a surgical instruments. This DEMONSTRATION is just only one way of how to pass the instruments. you as a SURGICAL TECH OR FIRST ASSIST can improvise on however you want to pass the surgical instrument according to the surgeon's preference. BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO PASS THE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. SURGICAL TECH Surgery (Medical Specialty), Surgical, Instruments, surgery, instuments, surgical instruments, jon lund, school of surgery, scissors, retractor, forceps, operation, basic, sucker, PASSING OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, HOW TO PASS THE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS medical education


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