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Title:TuneCore vs DistroKid - An Honest Comparison

Let's compare Tunecore vs DistroKid and see what music distributor comes out the winner. Release music yourself? ↓ Give TuneCore a Try (free option available): ⬇️ Get a 7% Discount with DistroKid ⬇️ Listen to my music ↓ _____________________________________________________ Instagram: Website: _____________________________________________________ My Entire Home Studio 🎧 ↓ 🎥 Video Sections 0:00 introduction 0:57 - distribution 2:49 - cost - who is cheaper 10:47 - extra features 14:27 - getting paid for your music 17:12 - customer service ______________________________________________________ 💁🏼‍♀️ More Information below on TuneCore vs DistroKid What do Tunecore and DistroKid do? Both Tunecore and DistroKid are music distributors which mean they will help you upload your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer. Basically every streaming service there is. Well, at least the main ones. If you're looking for a more niche streaming service in a different country then you might want to double check with them but comparing both of them at face value, they both release to all the major streaming services. Is TuneCore better than Distrokid? TuneCore just launched a new pricing plan that does make it quite a competitive option if you're looking to get your music uploaded online. They now have a free plan which is something DistroKid does not offer. TuneCore also has reasonably annual priced plans comparing to DistroKid. I would say Tunecore is better than DistroKid, right now, in terms of upload cost. It is cheaper to upload your music with TuneCore than it is with DistroKid. There are a lot of other things to consider which is why I suggest watching the entire video. Is DistroKid better than TuneCore? In my opinion, DistroKid is more simple than TuneCore and I enjoy simplicity as I'm sure you do. They also have a lot of cool added features that TuneCore does not have. For example, DistroKid offers a temporary phone number so you can text your friends. They also offer you a hyperfollow page for you to collect Spotify pre saves before you release your music. If we compare them just on price, I would say TuneCore wins, and if we review them both on features then they both have there added value. TuneCore also offers added features that DistroKid does not. So you see, there is a lot to consider! How do you compare DistroKid and TuneCore to other music distribution companies like CD Baby or Ditto? If we review Tunecore and DistroKid against some of the other music distribution platforms like CD Baby, Ditto, Amuse, United Masters, etc. There are a lot of them! Essentially, they all do the same thing. They get your music uploaded to Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms! The main differences when we compare them all is cost and features. In terms of cost, we would have a fixed fee. For example, both Tunecore and DistroKid apply a fixed annual fee and in return your keep 100% of your music royalties. On the other hand, CD Baby, Amuse, and United Masters offer lower fees (some times even free) for a cut of your music royalties. For instance, you pay a one time fee to release your music on CD Baby but in return they keep 9% of your music royalties. Above all this we have features which is a purely subjective discussion on what you're looking for in your career. Do you need a Spotify pre save page? Do you need vinyl and CD printing? Do you need music admin publishing? Go with the music distributor that has the features you need the most. Which is cheaper when comparing Tunecore vs DistroKid? If we review TuneCore vs DistroKid purely on price then TuneCore is the cheaper option. Simply because they do offer a free option. You can't beat free! There are limitations though to the free option. Nothing can be free forever. The price will always change when you start to add on new feature which both TuneCore and DistroKid have. For example, if you want youtube monetization or you'd like a hyperfollow page for Spotify campaigns, or maybe admin publishing. This all starts to add to your annual price. You can rest assure though that both DistroKid and TuneCore will give you 100% of your royalties. However, is it the same payout? Not necessarily. Watch the video to find out more as I compare a music royalty payout on TuneCore and a music royalty payout on DistroKid to see who pays a higher amount. #tunecorevsdistrokid #tunecore #distrokid


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