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Title:Behind The Scenes Of 'Walk The Line': The Team Who Filmed Chinese Asylum Seekers' Journey To US

A passionate TV crew goes on one of the most ambitious and dangerous shoots of their lives, following groups of Chinese migrants making their journey from Ecuador into America. To reach the Land of the Free, the crew tails the migrants on a most treacherous journey across South and Central America often full of organised crime and corruption. It also requires them to trek through the ‘most dangerous jungle in the world’, the Darien Gap. In this documentary special, the CNA crew bring to light why the Chinese migrants been driven to such desperation, and if the American Dream is all it’s made out to be. WATCH MORE Walk The Line: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: 00:00 Real dangers while making Walk The Line 02:38 Opening Title 03:15 Why cover this story? 07:31 Learning to stay safe during the shoot 10:09 Preparing for the Darien Gap jungle 13:10 Meeting Chinese migrants for the first time 16:15 Winning over profiles at a guesthouse 19:23 Filming profiles discreetly across the border 21:43 Taken off-course by a public taxi 23:41 Meeting Mum, Dad, and Lucy 25:04 Requesting permission to enter the Darien Gap 27:30 Crew attracts too much attention 29:19 Rapidly changing plans 31:08 Catching up to the family after the Darien Gap 34:49 Crew's ethical considerations 36:08 How we prepared for the interview with the smuggler 38:50 Waiting for the migrants near the border wall 42:55 What has happened to the profiles since then? ======== About the show: Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens join the migrant trail to America. What has driven them to such desperation? And is the American Dream all it’s made out to be? ======== #CNAInsider #WalkTheLineCNA #CNA #America #Immigration #Ecuador #Colombia #Panama #Mexico #AmericanDream #China #USBorder #California #Production #Filmmaking For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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