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Title:How far can we push ScratchJr? #codingchallenge

What do you think I should try programming in ScratchJr next? Should I make a whole new programming language dedicated to it? You tell me in the down below! I read all the comments! Make sure to like and subscribe, as both of those help out the channel a lot as well! Discord: Code: Hey guys. It's been a while. A long while. I like making the second paragraph a lot more down to earth for the people who actually care, so I can explain why this video took so long to make. I wanted to make a longer video, and I've had three ideas so far for a longer video. One about ISP, one about Word Hunt, and finally one about ScratchJr. I have a full script and story board for the ISP video, but it foundered and died in my interest. The programming side of the Word Hunt video was fully completed, but I never succeeded in making a script. I worked on this for the past 6 months, and recently started really putting my free time towards it so that it could finally get out. You may be asking, "why did it take you approximately 1 month per minute of video?" Well, I'm busy. I had marching band, I'm taking AP Chem, AP Stat, and planning dual enrollment, and do much more. I'm also a master procrastinator. The main reason is the latter reason. So thank you for waiting with me, thank you for bearing with my claims of a video being right around the corner, and thank you for watching my videos. It truly does mean a lot to me. 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Brainstorming 3:25 Python Code 5:30 Squares Code 6:44 Conclusion #codingchallenge #scratch #scratchjr


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