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Title:[Full Movie] 地师传人 Tomb Making Notes | 探险动作电影 Adventure & Action film HD

Synopsis: The adventure action movie "Tomb Making Notes 地師傳人" tells the story of Qi Fan, a descendant of the Earth Master during the Republic of China, who had a talent for making tombs but had nowhere to put them to use. No matter how much his uncle Lao Hu, who relied on deception and abduction to get around, persuaded him to do so. Qi Fan refused to use the art of making tombs to go to the tomb to steal treasures, but unexpectedly exposed his identity and was targeted by bandits, so he was forced to go to the tomb. However, Qi Fan tried his best to stop the bandits from stealing the treasures. The group of people entered the tomb of Guo Dingfeng, the founder of the Earth Master, for money, but accidentally discovered a bigger secret inside. 故事简介: 探险动作电影《地师传人 Tomb Making Notes》讲述了民国时期,地师后人祁樊有着一身造墓的本事却无处施展,任凭靠坑蒙拐骗混日子的舅舅老胡怎么劝他也不肯利用造墓之术下墓盗宝,却不料因无意中暴露自己的身份而被土匪盯上,从而被迫下墓,但祁樊却一路想尽办法阻止土匪盗宝的故事。一行人本是因钱财而进入地师祖师爷郭定风之墓,却无意中发现了其中更大的秘密。 出品 Studio: 杭州戏格文化传媒 Xige Media. 制片人 Produced by: 赵冰洁 Zhao Bingjie. 导演 Directed by: 席雨晴 Xi Yuqing, 蓝淘 Lan Tao. 编剧 Screenplay by: 李宗凡 Li Zongfan, 席雨晴 Xi Yuqing. 主演 Starring: 杨廷东 Yang Tingdong, 秦牛正威 QinNiu Zhengwei, 周展翅 Zhou Zhanchi. 题材 Genres: #探险 #adventure #动作 #action #adventuremovies #actionmovies #动作片 #actionfilm #动作电影 频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents 1, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 2, 圈影圈外官方电视剧频道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 3, 模晰官方电影频道 Moxi Movie Channel Official : 4, 模晰青春情感影院 Moxi Youth & Love Theater 5, 模晰音乐频道 Moxi Music Channel:


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