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Title:Terminator Bad To The Bone

This is a music video I edited/remixed/compiled way back in 2005. I noticed a lot of Terminator fan stuff here so figured I'd share my fan made attempt as well. As with all fan stuffs I don't claim copyright on this, copyright is owned by their respectful owners. This video wasn't particularly easy to put together as I didn't use any super editing program, just a basic one (way back at Art college I studied video editing as part of my studies and learnt on the old style VHS tape editing suit which consisted of 2 VHS tape recorders, an editing console and an audio tape input device, this was way back in 1993 - 1994). Let's see if you can spot things like where Arnie pulls out on his bike, cars in the background are swerving out his way and the music says "kings and queens step aside"....also the part where an ariel HK zooms off into the distance during some T3 sequances and the music makes a kind of squeal.....those were some of the parts that were tough to line up. I used "Bad to the Bone" as A)that track is identified with the Terminator in T2 B)it connects with Arnie's sort of biker image in the terminator movies and C) it kinda connects to the terminator's "skeleton" being a badass endoskeleton. I hope you enjoy the video and appreciate what I was attepting to do.


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