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Title:Five Nights at Freddy's - The Full Movie (NEW ENDING!) [Tony Crynight]

Do you make cartoons? Drawings? Are you an animation enthusiast? Take a look here and join the Channel Frederator Network! Join Frederator ► Hola, guys! As I had promised, here is the full FNAF movie (parts 1-17 in one single video without credits), with a little bit of changes! :3 Well, nothing particularly different: just a bunch of different songs, some mistakes fixed (and new ones I didn't notice until the video was rendered! XD), plus a couple of new scenes that I hope you will enjoy! :) There's also an alternate ending, and if you guess where the final audio comes from, well, you're definitely amazing! X3 A few things: I noticed that in some parts, for just one frame, certain details suddenly become black... There was a problem with my animation program, I tried to fix it, but I couldn't spot all the parts where it happened unfortunately. Parts from 8 to 13 are not 1080p HD, since I couldn't work on the original sources, but at 720p they should be acceptable. Another annoying fact is that part 16 was rendered in lower quality for some reason. I tried to fix this too, but it was worthless, so I preferred to leave it as it was, since the editing program kept crashing as soon as I tried. Darn! I hope this won't bother you guys too much! Well, waiting for a sort of Season 2 featuring the Toys, let me know what you think of this director's cut! I'm really curious! ;3 Thank you so much for being more than 1'587'000 wonderful people! You're just awesome! ^O^ If you’re not subscribed yet, what about following this link? :3 Hey! You might also follow me at these links! Facebook ► My Twitter ► My Tumblr ► My DeviantArt ► Special thanks to all the patrons who allowed me and my collaborators to bring to life this story. Check out the page to find out more! ;) Patreon ► The new songs I've used are all from Epidemic sound! You can find this and way more songs at Check out their YouTube page! And also this one! SUBTITLES!! I’ll leave you the link to follow, so that you can add the subtitles (and also the description of the video) by yourself in your own language, and also correct possible mistakes for the ones that are already added! :) Tony Crynight features Five Nights at Freddy’s fanimated stories, tragic and emotional animations, comedic and crazy stuff!… But also contests, previews and specials! I hope you’ll like the silly things I make! X3 Rate, comment, and, if you liked this video, subscribe!


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