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Title:Kingdoms of Amalur: Re Reckoning (Xbox Series X) (Legend of Dead Kel DLC - Part 9) Old Fateweaver

Check out part 9 of my Xclusive Playthrough featuring the Legend of Dead Kel DLC within the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning! This game released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series family of consoles on September 8th, 2020. It was developed by Kaiko and published by THQ Nordic. In this video, the Fateless One meets up with an old Fateweaver named Quay & asks him for advice on how to get off of Gallows End. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is a remastered version of the hit action RPG that originally released back in February 2012. This is an action RPG that puts the player in the shoes of a mortal known as the "Fateless One". This "Fateless One" is the only one in the world who ends up being classified as not having a pre-determined destiny or end. Not only can they change their own destiny, but they are able to alter the destiny of others around them. During the introduction cutscene to the game the "Fateless One" gets killed in battle and is revived within the experimental Well of Souls by the gnome scientist known as Fomorous Hugues. It is thought that this is the reason why the player's character does not have a pre-determined destiny. Soon after the character's revival, the facility where the Well of Souls resides is attacked by a group known as the Tuatha Deohn, an evil race of elven-like humanoids (led by their new king named Gadflow) that are a subsect of the immortal Winter Fae. The Tuatha Deohn are convinced that they are the only race that deserves to exist and so, they end up being the root cause of the great war (which is called the "Crystal War") against the other mortal races. Due to the unique nature of not being bound by fate, the "Fateless One" becomes entangled in the Crystal War and is seen as the only one who can stand up to King Gadflow & his army of immortal elves. As I mentioned before, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is an action RPG where the combat feels very fast & fluid. The game's combat primarily revolves around combos, attack chains and the timing of button presses. It also includes a "fate" system which allows the player to fill up the "fate" bar during combat which, when filled, lets the player activate "Reckoning" mode which is essentially a slow motion mode that increases the player's damage significantly and allows the player to quickly take out enemies. The mode lasts as long as it takes for the bar to fully deplete or when the player decides to "Fateshift" an enemy, which allows the player character to perform a brutal finishing move and gives the player a chance to increase the amount of experience they receive by rapidly pressing a specific face button. Other than the combat, the game also includes five distinct regions, four playable races to choose from & three different class trees (warrior, mage and rogue) along with 22 abilities per tree. The player receives three ability points per level & can place them into any tree they wish which allows the player freedom to either follow a specific class path or combine any of the three classes together. Finally, with regards to the achievements in this game: the game includes a total of 62 achievements for a total of 1000 GS. Once again, this is another game where the achievements are made up of a mixture of story-based, collectible based, gameplay based & even some miscellaneous achievements. The game includes your standard fare of achievements such as completing the game on certain difficulties, completing certain quests, killing a certain type of enemy a specific number of times and even achievements related to the crafting professions, but it also includes a few random achievements such as speaking to someone without any clothes on. Thankfully, as with most open world games, the player is free to revisit most of the areas of the game at any point in time so there are only a few missable achievements: Manic Pixie Dream Elf, The Harder They Fall, Out of Your League, A Wink & a Smile, and Destiny Dominated. Timestamps: 0:00 - Free Explore 4:30 - Ties That Bind (Return to Conrad Cronberg) 5:04 - Free Explore 8:35 - Dark Harbor (Find & Speak to Quay) 16:08 - Free Explore I consider myself an avid achievement hunter and completionist so if you have any questions regarding a certain game or achievement be sure to leave a comment on any of my videos and I will try my best to assist you. Thank you for all of your support! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a like and subscribe! Also, follow me on Twitch: I love to play all kinds of different games and genres on a regular basis so I know that there will always be something to suit everyone's tastes! :) Thanks for watching!! #KingdomsofAmalur #KingdomsofAmalurReReckoning #XboxSeriesX #Kaiko #THQNordic #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox #XboxOne #XboxOneX #GamplayWalkthrough #Walkthrough


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