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Title:Analog Sunshine - The Mountain (2023) (Full Album)

Analog Sunshine - The Mountain (New Full Album) Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of the bayou and the soothing embrace of southern beaches, Analog Sunshine emerges as a unique and mesmerizing style in the world of music. This psychedelic rock project, led by a lone visionary with a passion for sonic exploration, has crafted a sonic journey that transcends time and genre boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic rock bands of the 70s, Analog Sunshine infuses its sound with the kaleidoscopic energy of an era defined by sonic experimentation. The trippy keyboards take the listener on a voyage through swirling galaxies of sound, while subtle nods to the alternative rock bands of the 90s add a contemporary edge to the music's rich tapestry. Embracing the spirit of the new wave of psychedelia, Analog Sunshine explores uncharted sonic realms, pushing the boundaries of conventional music. The project's unique approach to sound is mirrored in its visual aesthetics. The artwork and videos accompanying the music are not mere accessories, but integral components that enhance the overall experience. These visuals serve as portals to the world Analog Sunshine has crafted, inviting listeners to immerse themselves fully in the journey. Analog Sunshine's debut album, "The Mountain," takes listeners on a journey through realms of psychedelic soundscapes. Rooted in a rich tapestry of influences, the album captures the essence of exploration, introspection, and musical innovation. With a collaborative heartbeat provided by the mesmerizing drum work on most of the songs and a captivating touch of female vocals on "Down in New Orleans," "The Mountain" unfolds as a vivid portrayal of Analog Sunshine's artistic vision 1. As the Miles Pass - 0:00 2. Crimson Plains - 6:24 3. Broken - 11:40 4. Between Two Worlds - 17:09 5. Life Goes On - 24:11 6. Outcome Unknown - 31:40 7. In My Darkest Hour - 37:10 8. Down in New Orleans - 41:40 9. The Mountain - 47:34 Support Analog Sunshine by purchasing the album here Become a Patron to get the new SMOD upload list! Every upload in the history of the channel in one alphabetized document. Nearly 2,000 albums with bandcamp links included! Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!


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