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Title:My Favorite Steroline (Stefan & Caroline) Moments | Season 6

These are my favorite “Stefan & Caroline” scenes from Season 6. There was a couple more clips I wanted to add too, but the project was already huge (4,53 GB to be exact) and it would take forever to upload. The whole video is in FULL HD (1080p), so I guess that explains the size. Season 6 was probably one of my favorites because we got to explore Stefan and Caroline's relationship to a whole nother level. The writers did an amazing job with these two characters (S&C) and I'm very glad they did. I'm also very sad that Season 6 is over. But hey! October is not that far.. we just have to be patient! I'm honestly really excited for Season 7 and I can't wait to see what their relationship is gonna be like, now that they've both admitted their feelings towards each other and made it pretty clear that they're madly in love. (FREAKING FINALLY) I'm gonna stop writing now and say thank you for watching and for reading the description! (You are so awesome for reading the description, man. Had no idea people still did that. You're in my heart now, forever *heart sign*) Programm Used: Final Cut Pro (Even though it was a pain in the ass) My Tumblr: (You can follow me if you like my ‘stuff’ BUT I only follow back Steroline/TVD related) Thank you, again. (another *heart sign* to those who made it this far)


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