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Title:The New Good And Bad Islands Caused By The New Emotions From Inside Out 2!

The New Good And Bad Islands Of Personality Caused By The New Emotions From Inside Out 2! Inside Out provides one of the most unique outlooks on the human mind. No animated film has put such a refreshing spin on how someone’s personality and personal motivations manifest! In Riley Anderson’s case, she wouldn’t be the same without her Islands of Personality. From a young age, she learned to value friendship, family, honesty, a goofy attitude, and her favorite sport, hockey. These five components came together to make Riley who she is and establish the core values that she lived by. In the first film, Riley can’t function without her Islands of Personality up and running. Without Goofball Island, she can’t partake in her favorite activities, like sliding down a stair railing. Without Honesty Island, she doesn't think twice about taking her mom’s credit card to pay for her bus ride to Minnesota. These Islands are so crucial that after losing them all, Riley falls into a depression that prevents her emotions from reaching her! We know from the first film that Islands can grow, or new ones can appear. In the epilogue scene, Riley has Islands about boy bands and vampire romances, insinuating that these interests have become integral in her everyday life, just like hockey had. The recently released trailer for Inside Out 2 shows Riley on the cusp of her teenage years, meaning that her interests and personality will change over time. There’s no doubt that the sequel will introduce new Islands, and in today’s video, we’re discussing what they could be! ⭐️Instagram ➜ ⭐️Email ➜ Note: This Video Is Made For A General Audience. DISCLAIMER: Any clips or images used belong to the respective copyright holders and are used under fair use rules for the purpose of criticism and review. #insideout #insideout2 #pixar


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