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Title:Demon Slayer | before-and-after VFX breakdown cosplay cinematic

*this project was made during covid pandemic, although each of us worked remotely from our home safety* A while back, a friend from another continent commissioned me to work on a cosplay video for a competition hosted by Speedy Comics and Cosplay Arabia. You can find the rerun through this link, her skit starts at 53:20. If you're curious to watch it to the very end, you'll find out her winning place too, plus judges' on-camera live reactions! Technically, it was definitely my first time accepting a live action video project from long distance involving green screen compositing. It was also my very first time editing with Unreal Engine. Despite a major restructuring in my usual workflow and given only a few days to meet deadline, I'm rather amazed by this. I must admit my experience working with digital vfx combined with Unreal Engine's incredibly fast rendering speed made this project a reality, ironically! The result of this long distance project actually defines a few things. We deserve to go back to a life without covid where gatherings can safely happen again. This is how I accidentally meet people at conventions and become friends. Despite distances and lockdowns, it looks to me that anyone who has access to a green screen and decent lighting can get me to make video projects of this kind. This can be one interesting way to make cosplay videos with cinematic elements more widely accessible no matter where the cosplayers are located, because it is all virtual productions. If you would like to see more actual epic content from this cosplayer, make sure to follow @hesakura on her Instagram: you're also welcome to follow me on my other social media: #demonslayer #cosplay #virtualproduction


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