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Title:scooter pcx problem with starting by centrifugal.

a problem we encounter with scooters is centrifugal starting 1.if the plate has a high temperature, the fermuit could not turn it with the same movement when it starts suddenly or when it vibrates a lot, it comes from the plate. if the fermuits are watered with grease, then the problem is much bigger, the same problem is here in the end, everything they worked perfectly. as for the springs, 3 small ones, reduce their power at idle, the wheel moves without pressing the gas, the 1 big spring, when it has its power from 16 g balls, it is as if it has 18 g. It plays a big role that the screws are genuine, good quality, otherwise it won't start easily, you can't tell easily if it is strained, the plate, the screws don't work like the brakes, for example, on the brakes, if the screws are not good, you have to press them what brake levers 2 or 3 times stronger to stop is what you want if the screws are good with a little pressure the brakes will brake so well that you will think you have disc brakes for what transmission of the scooter is the opposite if the screws are not good for example it will rotate 2000 revolutions to make the start the originals can with 600 revolutions so with 2000 revolutions the fermuit you will rub with the iron 1400 above the temperature 2 times higher than the temperature from which the fermuit starts to make a black surface where it is considered a burnt fermuit the burnt fuse will make a start 3500-4000 revolutions imagine in the summer in high temperature you are with +1 passenger and on an uphill the temperature escapes as a result the flywheel plate loses its hardness and is useless for garbage but the tragic mistake what most of us do will only change the pads (fermuit) i mean the plate has changed hardness after 5-6000 km the scooter on the start will start to shake (vibrations) this comes from what plate is in this part there are 2 small bearings and further inside are transmission bearings, they don't break easily, other trains are forced... When you see a platter that has passed high temperatures, it is good to change both platters and screws. I work the fermuit with a plate, so when starting the scooter from 0 to 7 kilometers, you rub the fermuit with a plate to make a smooth start, then a fermuit with a plate is made. #centrifugal #problem #scooterpcx


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