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Title:How To Activate The Power Of God || William Branham

For prayer, questions and inquiries concerning the content published on this channel please reach out on WhatsApp, +254706631299 [Sermon] 61-1119 - Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness By William Branham Highlighted Quotes: 122 But God’s side was weak and humble. That’s how God used them. That’s God’s opportunity. That’s God’s way of getting to us, is when we’re weak. We get something then. This encourages, of course, ’cause God’s whole Kingdom is built out of these kind of people.     61-1119 — Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness     111 God said to Paul, “My strength is perfect in your weakness. My—My strength becomes more perfect as you become more weaker. More you can yield to Me the better I can use you. The more you can forget about your education, the more you can forget about your denomination, the more you can forget about your stuff and yield yourself to Me, the more I can use you. Cause you become weak, I’ll—I’ll make My Own purpose strong.” 112 God can make strength out of weakness! That’s the reason He always does it. When He chose His disciples, who would think… 113 The humility of His Own Son when He was born in a manger, in a manured barn, in the cow stall, and was wrapped in swaddlings cloth! See, He could have come through a palace. He could have come down the corridors of Heaven, and all…a full Angel salute. But He chose to make Christ the Example of us, for us, and He brought Him in humility.     61-1119 — Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness     Rev. William Marrion Branham #williammarrionbranham #WilliamBranham​ #VoiceofGod​ #TheMessageOfTheHour #EndTimeMessage #believerstestimonies #BornAgain #NewBirth #BaptismOfTheHolySpirit #God #powerofgod


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