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Title:Learn Power Query & Automate Boring Data Tasks in 15 Minutes!

If you have time to learn just one skill in 2023, make it POWER QUERY. This single technical skill can help you make massive gains in your data analysis work. 💥 Get my Power Query mini-course - WHAT IS POWER QUERY? Power Query is a data pre-processing engine built into Excel and Power BI. You can use it to bring data from anywhere and do pre-processing or clean-up activities with ease. It lets you automate common data tasks like removing duplicates, combining files, merging (joining) datasets, adding derived columns, splitting or extracting data and changing the shape / size of your data. HOW TO GET POWER QUERY? It is already there in Excel and Power BI. In Excel - Go to DATA Ribbon and use the "Get & Transform Data" options. In Power BI - use the "Get data" or "Transform" buttons. IS POWER QUERY BETTER THAN SQL? Power Query and SQL have largely similar capabilities. But Power Query gives you more freedom and options. Plus, it is easier to learn (in my opinion). ~ IN THIS VIDEO ⏱️👇🏼 ================= 0:00 - One skill you should learn in 2023 - Power Query, what is it? 2:02 - How to activate & use Power Query? 4:43 - STEP 0: Pre-cleaning the data 6:31 - STEP 1: Dealing with Blank data points 7:48 - STEP 2: Removing the duplicates 8:30 - STEP 3: Generating ID values 11:05 - STEP 4: Calculating Course Date from Registration Date 13:25 - STEP 5: Figuring out the Fee Status 15:39 - How to load the cleaned data back to Excel? 16:19 - Analyzing the Power Query data and Refreshing 📂 DOWNLOAD PRACTICE FILES =========================== Sample raw data file - Completed workbook (with Power Query steps) - 💻 LEARN MORE about POWER QUERY ================================ Check out below videos, playlists & articles for more on Power Query. ▶ COURSES: ▶ ▶ Get my Power Query mini-course and learn all you need in one place quickly - ▶ ▶ Join Excel School program to learn Power Query, Power Pivot, Formulas, charting & Dashboards in one place - ▶ VIDEOS: ▶ ▶ Data cleaning in Excel - 10 tips (Power Query, Formulas & Flashfill) - ▶ ▶ Power Query in Excel (Beginner to ADVANCED) - ▶ ▶ How to combine data from files (using Power Query) - ▶ PLAYLIST: My Power Query videos playlist - ▶ READ: What is Power Query and how to use it (with 4 examples, sample files) - ~ Happy learning. I wish you more POWER ⚡ in 2023 #PowerQuery #excel


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