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Title:HOW TO cut your own Hair Short at Home || Women's DIY HAIRCUT Short Bob (actual chin length short)

(EN/中文/한국/tiếng việt/bahasa/Tagalog) Emboldened by my many LOB (long bob) DIY haircut successes I then venture boldly where never been before (at least by myself) - actual chin length short blunt bob haircut! Technically a lot harder than the long bob LOB to DIY cut at home, but happily my actual chin-length short bob DIY haircut turned out to be a success (despite long hours and sore arms and a wretched neck haha). But so cathartic and it was all in all a fun evening spent with myself and a pair of scissors (actual haircutting ones that cost me like ... US$6. Which I finally sprang for, cos i'm cheap and actual hairdresser haircuts are like, 10x more haha). I'm totally addicted to DIY haircuts! Easy, economical, you have total control and its creatively fun! So basically, 2 ponytails at each side and one strategically placed ponytail at the nape of your neck. Snip the back off, trim and tidy, and then divide and conquer the sides. ☕️ if you enjoyed the video, show some 💕 by buying me a coffee🤓 ► #hairtutorial #womenshaircut #shortbob 0:40 - tools you need for DIY haircut 0:52 - photo of the desired short bob hairstyle 1:00 - start by brushing hair and then gather up the 1/3 section of hair that is at the back of the head 1:20 - tying up the 2 side sections of hair 1:25 - disclaimer: not a hairdresser! 1:36 - tying second hair elastic onto hair before cutting 1:50 - cutting off back 1/3 section of all hair 2:21 - retie all hair to leave 1/4 layer of hair at the back down 2:32 - cut hair straight across the nape at the back 2:42 - retie hair to let down next 1/4 layer of hair at the back & then cut using first layer as a guide 3:00 - point cut the layers (vertically snip with scissors) so they don't end up too blunt 3:22 - retie hair to let down next 1/4 layer of hair at the back & then cut using first 2 layers as a guide, then point cut the newly cut layer 4:07 - checking results of haircut at the back of the head & tidying the cut 4:22 - haircut at the back is done! 4:24 - let down all hair, brush out and divide along centre parting of head 4:30 - divide hair to leave bottom layer at both sides down, tie up the rest to get it out of the way 4:42 - cut from back 1/3 to the front either flat or at a slight angle sloping forewards depending on the hairstyle you want 5:04 - repeat process on opposite side of head 5:24 - check hair on both sides of face are balanced in length 5:30 - let down next layer of hair on both sides, cut to desired length using first layer as guide 6:00 - point cut and trim to tidy up DIY haircut 6:43 - overall check the shape and length of the DIY haircut 7:00 - finish up remaining layers using same methodology 8:09 - check out all the hair I cut off! 8:20 - blow dry & styling the resulting DIY haircut 8:45 - styling is essential to good looking short haircuts! 8:52 - centre part style vs side part style Got the idea for doing this cut by watching a ton of haircut tutorials - not many DIY haircut tutorials on Youtube for actual chin-length real short hair haircuts, but big thanks to a couple of specific videos that helped me - Sara Urb with this video and sadly, also a shoutout to US JAP FAM and her video for showing me WHAT NOT TO DO. I ended up trying my own approach but seeing their how-to's helped me a lot! Thanks for watching! If you like what we do, smack that 👍🏼 button! For more of my haircut videos ► Subscribe to my channel for more videos ► Hair Products: Haircutting Scissors ► Round Hair Brush for Fringe Styling (1 3/8") ► H&M Hair Elastics ► H&M Hair Claws ► Follow Me 😘 Instagram ► Business Inquiries Only 📧 - 📹 EQUIPMENT I USE 📷 Sony A6400 with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens ► Zhiyun Crane M2 ► Jobi GorillaPod ► Boya BY-MM1 ► Gopro Hero 9 ► Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X 🎶 Music: NCS Track: PHI NIX & Hoober - Overdosin [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch:​ Free Download / Stream: **Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some of the links provided above are affiliate links meaning I do make a small commission when you purchase using the link. This does not cost you extra. You can also purchase from the brand’s websites so don’t feel obliged to use my link if you don’t want to. Thanks for all your support! xoxo!


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