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Title:What Hearing Aid Dome to Use? What About Custom Ear Molds?

Purchasing a pair of hearing aids is only one of many factors that must be considered in order to hear one’s best in spite of hearing loss. Other factors that need to be addressed after hearing aid purchase include programming and physically fitting the hearing aid to the ear canal. In this video, we will focus on hearing aid fitting or how the hearing aid is coupled to the ear canal. Although there are many different types of hearing aids, we will focus specifically on Receiver in the Canal (RITE) style which is by far the most popular and widely used style of hearing aids. Its ability to fit different ear sizes and shapes is due to the swappable rubber domes which is what is inserted into the ear canal. Custom ear molds can even be used instead of the rubber domes with this hearing aid style. This video will explain what type of hearing aid dome and/or custom ear mold is most appropriate for a given type of hearing loss, whether flat hearing loss, steeply sloping high-frequency hearing loss, or normal low frequency with hearing loss in the mid and high frequencies. Check out our online hearing aid store (OTC hearing aids and accessories): Video on selecting best hearing aid vent size to use: How to get rid of hearing aid feedback: Check your hearing using an online hearing test: • Hearing Aid Dome Styles (0:13) • Changing Hearing Aid Domes (1:11) • Occlusion Effect (1:24) • Rubber Domes vs Custom Ear Molds (1:38) • Custom Ear Molds Venting (3:06) • Feedback (3:25) • Custom Ear Mold Advantages (3:38) • Mild High Frequency Hearing Loss (4:11) • Mild Mid Frequency and Moderate High Frequency Hearing Loss (4:34) • Flat Moderate Hearing Loss (4:50) • Flat Mild Hearing Loss (5:18) • Steeply Sloping High Frequency Hearing Loss (5:27) • Severe Flat Hearing Loss (5:51) • Summary (6:14) Video created by Dr. Christopher Chang and Catie Chalmers, AuD: Still haven’t subscribed to Fauquier ENT on YouTube? ►► #audiology #otolaryngology #hearingaiddomes #hearingaids #customearmolds #otchearingaid


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