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Title:I FINALLY Got a "Blonde Beauty" | 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Maple Fretboard Review + Ebony Compare

🟢My Website: 🔴Reverb: 🐕 Private Help Sessions: ⚫Amazon: 📚Description: In the mid-to-late 70s and briefly in the early and mid 80s, Gibson first offered a lacquer maple fretboard as an option. We didn't see this return until around 2011 when richlite was used as the new 'standard' for Custom Les Pauls through early 2019 since some dealers wanted a real wood alternative since ebony was out of the equation. This is a 1975-1977 ish Les Paul Custom in a natural finish with maple fretboard and has been incredibly well taken care of... except for one day when the owner wanted to try a midi-synth pickup up on it :( I like the story and history behind this one - I think I'll hold onto it until I find a "better" one to replace it with. For fun, we also A/B an ebony fretboard Les Paul Custom from a similar era. It isn't a perfect test, but it'll give you an idea of how the tone might be different between a maple fretboard vs ebony fretboard les paul custom. I FINALLY Got a "Blonde Beauty" | 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Maple Fretboard Review + Ebony Compare 🐕 Episode Guide: 0:00 Intro - Check Links in the Description 0:07 Is This The One?! 1:37 About Maple Boards 3:17 Finishes 3:55 The Story Behind This One 4:37 The Case 5:03 Inside Look / Specs 17:03 Clean Tones 20:05 Dirty Tones 22:05 Final Thoughts 23:27 What to Watch Next! 🎞️ Videos Mentioned: 2:26 2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom Flame Top Cherry 2:38 Sweetwater Exclusive Les Paul Custom Modern Beauty Affiliate Links are found in this description + comments section - clicking and purchasing items from partners will help financially support the show. ❓Private Help Sessions ➡️ 💰New to Reverb? Get $10 on Me ➡️ 🍭Shop Sweetwater + Support the Show ➡️ 👕 Merch: 🥇 Patreon ➡️ 📘 Facebook ➡️ 📸 Instagram ➡️ 🟢My Website: 🔥 TikTok: 🛒 Current Inventory ➡️ (also on website) ✉️ Email for Business Inquiries ➡️ ❓Guitar Questions ➡️ ⚙️ Gear Used to Make the Show: (AFFILIATE LINKS) Guitar + Recording: George L's Guitar Lead: ebay - Shure SM57 (Amp Cab Mic): ebay - Audio Interface - Roland Duo Capture EX - amazon - + Universal Audio Apollo Twin: amazon - Headphones: Focal Listen Professional: amazon - Rode Videomic Go (backup audio): amazon - Lens: Lumix 12-35mm : ebay - Computer: Mac Pro 2013 - amazon - Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X - ebay - American DJ Eco UV Bar Plus Blacklight: ebay - Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH-4: amazon - Camera Gimbal: amazon - Camera Slider: amazon - Rode NTG-2 (vocal + room mic): amazon -


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