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Title:ENG SUB【国子监来了个女弟子】EP24 将计就计,环环相扣(赵露思、徐开骋)| A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

▶Join Membership Now ▶Watch more episodes on "Tencent Video" APP ▶For Membership, Update Every Wed-Fri from 23th September ▶For Non-Membership, Update Every Tue-Thurs from 05th October ❗Full Version Block in 21 territories: Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam 【Synopsis】The only daughter of Minister Sang, Sang Qi was trapped into a bet where she had to make the First Master Yan Yun in Yan receive her pouch and the invitation to enjoy lanterns on the Lantern Festival, otherwise she would be singing on the lantern show instead of an opera lady. Sang Qi thought it is not a big deal, however she got rejected for many times. Knowing Yan Yun was teaching in the Imperial College, she decided to go in and finally got enrolled after her dad begged the emperor hard. So she became a student in the Imperial College with her childhood friend Zhuo Wenyuan and many young masters, being the one and only female student in the history of the Imperial College. 【Starring】Zhao Lusi, Xu Kaicheng, Ren Hao, Zhang Yue ☞Watch Full Episode☞ 🚀More Hot Dramas🚀 ♥《Put Your Head on My Shoulder2021》: ♥《A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College》: ♥《Cute Programmer》: ♥《Our Times》: ♥《You Are My Glory》: ♥《My Queen》: ♥《Ancient Love Poetry》: ♥《The Eternal Love S3》: ♥《Flourish in Time》: ♥《Time Flies and You Are Here》: ♥《Miss The Dragon》: ♥《Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard》: ♥《The Imperial Coroner》: ♥《Hello Mr. Gu》: ♥《The Sword and The Brocade》: ♥《My Little Happiness》: ♥《The Legend of Xiao Chuo》: ♥《Sweet First Love》: ♥《Dating in the Kitchen》☞ ♥《Mr. Honesty》☞ ♥《The Romance of Tiger and Rose》: ♥《Eternal Love of Dream》: ♥《The Untamed》: ♥《Put Your Head on My Shoulder》: ♥《The Demon Master》: ♥《The Eternal Love S2》: ♥《Dragon Day, You're Dead S1》: ♥《The Fox's Summer S1》: 🔒Subscribe it Now🔒 ☞ 腾讯视频: ☞ 腾讯动漫: ☞ 腾讯视频热播综艺: ☞ 腾讯视频华语经典剧场: ☞ 企鹅大影院: ☞ 创造营 CHUANG2021: ☞ WeTV 台灣: ☞ WeTV Thailand: ☞ WeTV Indonesia: ☞ WeTV Vietnam: ☞ WeTV English: ☞ WeTV Arabic: ☞ WeTV Spanish: ☞ WeTV Korea: ☞ WeTV Turkish: ☞ WeTV Russian: ☞ WeTV Portuguese: ☞ WeTV Malaysia: #AFemaleStudentArrivesAtTheImperialCollege #ZhaoLusi #XuKaicheng


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