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Title:As Delhi AQI dips, a look at the smog's causes & why science may help, not outrage | Abridged Ep 878

#CutTheClutter #AirPollution Yet again Delhi gets covered in a layer of pollution. A toxic haze lingered over Delhi for the sixth consecutive day on Sunday as pollution levels once again reached the severe plus category. What numbers tells us, how is it caused and why is Diwali not the only reason. In Episode 878 of #CutTheClutter originally published on 15 Nov, 2021, Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta looks at the practical ways to solve it in the long run. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the full report here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read 'More Indians are being diagnosed with lung cancer, and it’s not because they’re smoking' here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exclusive content, special privileges & more – Subscribe to ThePrint for Special benefits: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with ThePrint » Subscribe to ThePrint: » Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: » Like us on Facebook: » Tweet us on Twitter: » Follow us on Instagram: » Find us on LinkedIn : » Subscribe to ThePrint on Telegram: » Find us on Spotify: » Find us on Apple Podcasts: 1:00: The speaker discusses the seasonal issue of pollution in Delhi and the impact it has on their health. 3:54: Air pollution in India is causing lung cancer among non-smokers at a high rate. 7:54: The video discusses a report by IIT Khur on Delhi's pollution crisis, focusing on the causes of smog. 11:15: More than half of the large particle pollution in Delhi comes from road dust, followed by concrete batching and industrial stack. 14:36: The video discusses the impact of secondary particles, including those from biomass burning and coal, on air pollution in Delhi. 18:57: Improving air quality is crucial for enduring weeks of poor air in Delhi. 21:50: Addressing emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide requires a comprehensive approach and cannot be solved by passing laws or focusing on specific sectors.


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