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Title:How To Search in Security Work | Security Skills

Join us in the latest episode of the 'Security Skills' series, where we delve into the critical skill of conducting searches in the security industry. In this episode, we focus on the searching procedures that are pivotal for security personnel. We will guide you through the essentials of searching, an important skill for both security training courses and real-world security duties. We emphasise the importance of proper searching methods and the risks associated with improper techniques. Anthony also discusses the necessity of conducting a thorough risk analysis before searches. Our detailed walkthrough includes: Step-by-step guidance on the search procedure. Identifying key things to look out for during searches. Understanding common hiding places for contraband like drugs and weapons. In the conclusion, Anthony shares best practices in searching, including conducting searches in view of CCTV cameras, considerations for male and female searching, and the balance between thoroughness and maintaining a positive customer experience. We also touch on the limitations of searches and when it's best to involve a search dog. For any queries or more information about effective searching techniques, feel free to leave your questions in the comments section. We're here to assist and provide further insights. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more practical episodes in the Security Skills series, tailored to equip security professionals with essential, actionable skills. ────────── Do you want to work in security? Find your next security job from hundreds of employers looking to hire on the UK’s #1 all-in-one security App! Download the App Now: Are you a security staff employer? Advertise your security jobs and hire the right people. Post your jobs to 1,000+ weekly job seekers who are open to work here: ────────── ☑ Get Licensed™️ Get Working with Get Licensed... ──────────


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