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Title:Что такое идеальная говядина по-Строгановски и картошка-пай? Такого вы не пробовали| Сталик 2022

Welcome to our official YouTube channel Staliс Khankishiev, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like our video. To subscribe to the channel, you can follow the link ► 44 years ago, in one of the Moscow canteens, I tried what was called "beef stroganoff", which repulsed my interest in this great dish for 25 years. Over the past 20 years, I have studied dozens of old beef stroganoff recipes and today I am ready to present you my clean version, which makes a truly luxurious hot meat appetizer. Please read! Do you know why we still call a dish that has become one of the symbols of Russian cuisine in a mixture of broken English and Nizhny Novgorod, even when we speak and write in Russian, and not for foreign tourists? You can choose any oil that suits your taste and properties for frying. I take a mixture of vegetable oil and bird lard, or replace lard with ghee. You can’t save on oil, you need to pour as much as it says in the recipes - about one hundred grams, that is, 120-130 ml. But the amount of oil does not depend on the diet of the recipe, but on the size of the pan. It is not necessary to measure the oil with measuring cups or scales, the main thing is that the oil covers the entire pan and is well heated. After all, first of all, oil is necessary in order to evenly transfer heat from the pan to the product. And the pan should be of such size that it fits from about 800 grams to a kilogram of meat in one layer. The best meat for this dish is beef tenderloin. Perhaps steak lovers will consider this use as one of the best parts of the carcass to spoil the meat, but this is simply not worth paying attention to, because the diet cannot consist of steaks alone - hot appetizers are also needed. The meat should be salted - yes, yes, in advance - pepper and roll in flour. A couple of onion heads cut into half rings should be fried in well-heated oil until red. This point is very important. After all, the onion turns red only when a significant part of the moisture has evaporated from it. And if the moisture remains in the onion, then the temperature in the pan will not rise significantly above 100C and the meat will also not fry properly, but will release quite a lot of juices. Yes, the released juices can be evaporated, they will still settle on pieces of meat, and those that are baked in the pan can be dissolved during the preparation of the sauce and they will also end up in the finished dish. But it is much easier to fry the onion in oil that is heated to a smoke, on a very high heat and quite quickly. Then the meat will be fried very quickly, and this is an important point - the faster this dish is cooked, the more tender the meat will remain. The meat itself should also be fried over a very high heat, stirring often, exactly until the moment when the meat begins to brown and there is no liquid meat juice left in the oil. If you don't want too much oil in the finished dish, simply tilt the pan so that the oil flows to one edge. Transfer the meat to a stew pan, and drain the excess oil. But when you drain, keep in mind that in catering establishments the sauce is prepared with the participation of this particular oil. This is because in classic Stroganoff beef recipes, the next step is to be cooked in the same pan and in the same oil where the meat with onions was just fried. But for the sake of saving time and getting a good result, I suggest starting to prepare the sauce in a small saucepan or gravy boat. Put one spoonful of fermented soybean paste on a spoonful of oil and fry without heating too much, trying to grind and get a homogeneous mass. The soy paste should give off a delicious flavor. If you do not have soy fermented paste and you do not know where you can buy it yet, then feel free to skip this step, nothing bad will happen, because millions of people before you cooked this snack without soy paste. Just go to the next step, namely: put in the same saucepan about 50 grams of tomato paste in a spoonful of oil and fry it. If there is both soy paste and tomato paste, then first you need to fry the soy paste, and then add the tomato paste. Continued in my LiveJournal - a culinary blog that I have been running for over twenty years! is the link Social media: Instagram ► Telegram ► Facebook ► Zen ► VKontakte ► Odnoklassniki ► Official sites ► - online store with my books ► - my old blog, recipes and photos #StalikKhankishiev #perfectbeef


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