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Title:DEMIAN | Set Fire To The End - OPENING CREDITS

PLEASE, WATCH IN HD AND READ THE DESCRIPTION! Hi guys, this is the 2nd video I made with Sony Vegas PRO! I´m using masks right now and its amazing, I really love this program and the color effects. So, right now I present to you new characters from my story. Remember this is my fictional world inside the Buffyverse. The story its about Demian, the youngest (and adopted of course) son of Angel. He isnt a normal kid at all, he is the true son of an ancient vampire and a vampire slayer so, he is the key to win the battle between the light and darkness and every creature on this world (good or evil) is hunting him. But he is not alone he has his dad Angel, his older brother Connor and his retired vigilant, Adrian to protect him. CAST: David Mazouz as Demian David Boreanaz as Angel Dominic Sherwood as Connor (my own recast) Jamie Dornan as Adrian Humbert/ semi-retired vigilant Tom Hollad as Issac (Demian´s Best friend) Daniel Gillies as Viktor Blackthorne(Ancient vampire and Demian´s real uncle) Colin O´Donoghue as Killian Blackthorne (Ancient Vampire and Demian´s Real father) Rebecca Mader as Anne Van Straten/ a Witch / The mayor Keegan Allen as Hunter a Werewolf Melissa Benoist as Lenny/Mayor´s assistant THANKS TO mystical phoenix FOR THE INSPIRATION! SONG: Se Fire To The Rain (Adele/Linkin Park Remix) So, what do you guys think? Let me know =)


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