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Title:What are the BEST apps for Learning? - Q/A (Youtube comments edition)

Join me on Shortform and get 20% off an annual subscription with my link at Join my Learning Drops newsletter (free): Every week, I distil what really works for improving results, memory, depth of understanding, and knowledge application from over a decade of coaching into bite-sized emails. Learner Type Quiz (free) - Figure out your learning strengths and weaknesses: Learning System Diagnostic Quiz (free) - See how the way you learn compares to top learners: Research summary on learning (free): Watch my TEDx talk on learning to learn (top 1% viewed in 2022): === Paid Training Program === My guided, step-by-step training program to become an ultra learner: (Contains personalised feedback from coaches and 100+ lessons with demonstrations, activities and challenges. Learn alongside a community of over 10,000 learners like you!) === Timestamps === 0:00 How do you know if medicine is right for you? 0:30 How to find the best source of information for learning? 3:10 What online whiteboard (apps) do you use? 4:58 Alternative for Notion 6:45 Factors to consider before going to medical school 8:34 Advanced encoding techniques for engineering 10:33 How to train yourself for deep work? 12:33 What do you listen to while studying? (white noise app) 14:13 Alternative revision methods to mindmap brain-dumps 17:55 When should you prime yourself for studying content? 19:43 Is linear note-taking ok if you don't know how to mindmap? 21:06 How to study maths (calculus) effectively? 23:53 How to tell the difference between cognitive load and just being tired? 26:08 Get your questions answered: Join the subreddit! === About Dr Justin Sung === Justin is a former medical doctor, full-time learning coach, and research author. Over the past decade, he has worked with over 10,000 learners from 120+ countries. He is the Co-Founder and Head of Learning at iCanStudy, an international training organisation for self-regulated higher-order learning. Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: LinkedIn: X:


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