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Title:The CONVERSATION of our PROPHET with AZRAEL at the Time of His DEATH

Join us in this moving account of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace and blessings be upon him) night journey, witnessing the consequences of human actions in the afterlife. This detailed video takes you through the profound experiences the Prophet had in hell, starting with his ascension to the first heaven and uncovering the shocking realities of the afterlife. Learn about the Prophet's encounters with Adam (alaihi salam), the forefather of humanity, and the poignant scenes of divine rewards and punishments. Witness the fate of those who neglected prayer, refused to give charity, slandered, and swindled. Each vision offers a life-changing lesson. This video provides an in-depth overview of Islamic teachings on the afterlife and serves as a powerful reminder of Allah’s mercy for those who repent and reform. It’s an invitation to reflect on our actions and strive for complete obedience to Allah. In all hadiths, it is recorded that this type of conversation took place between Gabriel and the guardian angels at the gates of each heaven. After verifying that the newcomers were Gabriel and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), the angels opened the gates. Bukhari, Muslim, Musnad of Ahmad, Ibn Jarir, Bayhaqi, Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn Ishaq, Hakim, Tabarani, Bazzar (various narrators). These observations and examinations have not been narrated collectively. We have compiled them all together. (See Musnad of Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Ibn Jarir, Bayhaqi, Hakim, Ibn Abi Hatim, Tabarani, Bazzar, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Marduyah, Abu Dawud. Narrators: Abu Huraira, Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, and Anas bin Malik). The CONVERSATION of our PROPHET with AZRAEL at the Time of His DEATH πŸ‘‰ Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL πŸ”” so you don't miss any of our videos. Every story, every teaching, every moment of reflection is designed to accompany you on your path of spiritual and personal growth. Join our community and transform your life with the wisdom of Islam! #islam #quran #prophetmuhammad #hadith #islamicteachings #islamicfaith #quranverses #ramadan #eid #muslimcommunity #islamicwisdom #islamichistory ________________________________________________________ πŸ’« Would you like to delve into the depths of Islam and the teachings of the Quran? πŸ’« I have created 5 exclusive Ebooks to help you explore the topics you have most requested in greater detail. These resources will assist you in achieving the profound understanding discussed in our videos. 🌟 The 5 Pillars of Islam 🌟 - This Ebook provides a comprehensive understanding of the five pillars of Islam, helping you to strengthen your faith and practice your beliefs with clarity and purpose. πŸ“– The Life of Prophet Muhammad πŸ“– - Discover the inspiring life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through this detailed Ebook. Learn about his teachings, his character, and how his life serves as a model for Muslims around the world. πŸŒ™ Fasting Beyond Ramadan πŸŒ™ - Explore the significance and benefits of fasting beyond the holy month of Ramadan. This Ebook offers insights into voluntary fasts and their spiritual, physical, and mental benefits. πŸ“š Life Lessons from the Quran πŸ“š - Gain wisdom and guidance from the Quran with this Ebook. It covers essential life lessons derived from the holy text, helping you navigate daily challenges with faith and confidence. πŸ•Œ The Art of Devotion πŸ•Œ - Enhance your spiritual journey with this Ebook focused on the art of devotion. Learn various ways to deepen your worship and connection with Allah through practical tips and heartfelt advice. ________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT: We do not visually represent the faces of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, or other historical figures. Images are used solely for educational purposes. Our thumbnails and videos use representative images to illustrate these stories in a creative and respectful way, occasionally incorporating artistic elements or whimsical touches to enrich the visual narrative, always maintaining respect and consideration for different interpretations and sensibilities.


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