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Title:Gaza: Has Biden lost control of Netanyahu? with Sami Hamdi

Join our Patreon to get access to exclusive monthly Zoom calls: Sami Hamdi for the past five months has helped us untangle and understand the motives and actions of the actors that wage genocide in Gaza. The conflict, if that is even a proper term to use, seems to be continuing despite discussions of an end game. At the time of recording this interview, we have heard from Joe Biden casually licking an ice cream and talking of ceasefires when tens of thousands starve in Northern Gaza. The callousness with which the west now talk of mopping up a crime scene is staggering. How can a liberal west, fixated on preaching rights have maintained this collective pretence? Listen to the audio version of the podcast: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: You can also support The Thinking Muslim through a one-time donation: Sign up to Muhammad Jalal's newsletter: Purchase our Thinking Muslim mug: Find us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Telegram: Host: Website Archive: #thethinkingmuslimpodcast episode 139 Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 1:40 – Reception in the US 8:30 – US Empire 13:30 – Ummatic and national identity 20:56 – Traveling the Muslim world 30:49 – Netanyahu out of control? 39:54 – Trump? 53:50 – US foreign policy 1:04:18 Iran and Houthis 1:05:38 Sami and Sectarianism 1:11:02 – Muslim rulers? 1:13:59 – Palestinian Authority


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