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Title:Spanish: How to make sentences with advanced tenses using participio

In this video you will learn advanced Spanish topics. First, you will learn what participles are, how to form them, when and how to use them, and why it is super important you learn them. Second, you will learn to form sentences that require advanced tenses, like past perfect, present perfect, pluperfect, and more, and that require you to know the participles I am teaching you by heart. Third, you will review the first, the second, and the third Spanish conjugations to help you to build participles more easily from scratch. Even more, in this lesson you will learn many, many verbs in Spanish. Maybe you knew some verbs already, and you will review them, but many are going to be new and I promise you they are going to be useful in every single sense. So, I did my part, so now do yours, and watch my video, take notes, and make this world a better one, the Spanish world. If you feel you are learning Spanish with my videos, please consider making a donation. It helps me to make more videos and live. Gracias :) You can donate at: Or through PayPal: Watch more lessons related to this topic: Learn one-word sentences ins Spanish using these verbs: Learn the Spanish first conjugation: Verbs that end with ar: Do you know what the difference is between the verb llevar y traer wich in English are "to bring": Gracias and do not forget that topics such as the Spanish alphabet, Spanish sounds and pronunciation, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish verbs, and Spanish tenses like past vs imperfect in Spanish, and more complicated Spanish topics like direct and indirect objects in Spanish can be found at Butterfly Spanish. Browse my channel and see what you need to learn. I make my videos with love, care, and knowledge, and my goal is that what you did not know yesterday you know today, that what you thought was complicated, is not, and that you know much more Spanish today after watching my videos, and that they make you feel more confident and positive:


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