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Title:Life As An MSK Physio | Q & A | Graduation | Tips For Future Physios

Hey Guys, in this video I will be talking a little about life as an MSK Physio following graduation. Plus I'll be sharing a few tips on how you can make the most of your time as a student. Have a read below or watch the video! How am I doing following graduation? - I’ve been working as an MSK physiotherapist for a private company. They specialise in working with medicolegal patients as well as private and NHS referral groups. How did I find my first Physio job? - Found it after making contact with a couple of recruiters from the company who attended my university at a jobs fair - I applied to other posts but this one was the only one which offered me a part time position as I wanted to continue doing other things on the side like grow a business. What are some of the best bits of the job? - Meeting new people – 16 patients a day - Standard working hours – 9-5pm// I don’t take my work home with me in contrast to a teacher perhaps - Fully autonomous – I’m on my own! Finally haha, initially scary but I got used to it and my caseload of patients aren’t too complex at the moment so that helps. What are some of the worst bits of the job? - Repetitiveness of the role - Not that much contact time with a particular patient compared to other areas of physio - Paperwork/notes What advice do you have for someone who is just graduating? - Don’t worry too much about your grade – just focus on passing - Be open minded about a particular job but specific about the area you want to be in // if not you can always opt for rotations in the NHS to build your foundational knowledge (highly recommended by others in the profession) Please LIKE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE if you found that useful!! As always if you had any queries or concerns about anything, give me a shout and I would be happy to help. Buy my Ebook if you are a Plymouth Uni Applicant: ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ Subscribe ► I have actually started a new YOUTUBE channel (very confusing, I know)  Instagram ► Snapchat ► masudsaeedi Facebook ► Dreams by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library #physio


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