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Title:Science & Technology Q&A for Kids (and others) [Part 110]

Stephen Wolfram hosts a live and unscripted Ask Me Anything about the history of science and technology for all ages. Find the playlist of Q&A's here: Originally livestreamed at: If you missed the original livestream of this episode, feel free to submit a question you would like Stephen to answer in a future Q&A livestream here: 00:00 Start stream 00:50 SW starts talking 1:15 There was a study where they saw helices in superconducting materials. What properties make helices common in nature, from DNA to whirlpools to EMR? 50:58 Can you tell us why electrons in the atoms of the Sun do not burn due to the heat? 58:06 How does superconducting magnet levitation work? 1:00:14 Fermions and bosons... Are hadrons the intersection between them? 1:06:49 Is there much use for superconductivity in space where the temp is already close to 0 K? 1:10:00 Especially in places without an insulating atmosphere around, superconductors should be a serious option. Much easier to dissipate heat! 1:14:13 Aren't there Japanese maglev trains on which there are cooling systems? 1:14:50 I believe these flux tubes also show up in gravity, leading to dark matter and dark energy effects. 1:19:00 What do you think has the most potential for changing the energy crisis, and what field do you think we need to focus on to get there? 1:28:52 As long as the nuke plant isn't dual-use for producing plutonium, then I think it's safe. 1:31:50 Thermovoltaic cells are a new thing that seem interesting for the efficiency of steam turbines. Follow us on our official social media channels. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Stephen Wolfram's Twitter: Contribute to the official Wolfram Community: Stay up-to-date on the latest interest at Wolfram Research through our blog: Follow Stephen Wolfram's life, interests, and what makes him tick on his blog:


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