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Title:Terra, Luna, and Algorithmic Stablecoins - Episode 71

In this episode Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey discuss the algorithmic stablecoin Terra and the corresponding governance token Luna. Along with some of the antics of chief front man Do Kwon. Read more: in a new tab) Update on this story: Other episodes mentioned in this episode: Episode 47 – Michael and Omar and 0xSifu, oh my! Episode 61 – Trying to Think Like the SEC (Feat. John Reed Stark) Episode 38 – The World is a Ponzi Scheme, You Just Live in It Episode 20 – Algorithmic stablecoins and regulation with Frances Coppola (Part 2) Episode 1 – Tether: A Stable Discussion Episode 59 – The Many Faces and Citizenships of Justin Sun Episode 11 – El Salvador and Bitcoin Episode 36 – The El Salvador Bitcoin-Volcano-Bitcoin City Bond Episode 63 – We Need to Talk about El Salvador (Feat. Mario Gómez and Oscar Salguero) Episode 57 – Ukraine and Russia and What it Means for Cryptocurrency Episode 69 – An Unscripted Chat With The Richest Man in The World* (Feat. Colin Platt) Episode 67 – An Early Skeptic’s Telling of “Why be skeptical?” (Feat. David Gerard) Episode 24 – C.R.E.A.M. Cumberland Rules Everything Around Me Other resources mentioned in this episode: Bennett's thread on Terra Bennett's report on Terra stability Bennett's debate on algorithmic stablecoins Timeline of Do Kwon's activities Andre's Article Other places to find Crypto Critics' Corner Website: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Discord: Timestamps: 00:00 What is Terra? 4:30 TerraSDR & TerraSDT 6:33 Why do people believe in this? 11:29 Mirror and the SEC 12:16 Is any of this illegal? 14:00 Why do people want algorithmic stablecoins? 15:00 The rise and fall of crypto culture 17:28 What is the point? 19:52 Justin Sun’s Version 20:42 Terra protocol is broken 22:36 Project Dawn 23:00 Crypto Nihilism This video was produced and edited by Asher Hirsch. #cryptocurrency #crypto #podcasts #listenable #terra #luna #lunatics #stablecoin #algorithmicstablecoin #defi


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