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In the realm of spiritual enlightenment, Apostle Joshua Selman stands as a beacon of divine revelation, leading the charge through Koinonia – the ministry under Eternity Network International (ENI). This visionary teacher has become synonymous with transformative teachings that penetrate the hearts and minds of seekers worldwide. **The Genesis of Koinonia:** Koinonia, meaning communion or fellowship, was birthed from the heart of Apostle Joshua Selman. Founded under the umbrella of Eternity Network International, Koinonia has evolved into a global phenomenon, drawing seekers hungry for profound spiritual insights. **Eternity Network International - A Spiritual Hub:** Apostle Joshua Selman's teachings within Eternity Network International serve as a spiritual hub, connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds in a shared quest for a deeper understanding of God's word. ENI has become a spiritual family where believers gather to experience the profound teachings and revelations facilitated by Apostle Joshua Selman. **The Impact of "When the Mercy of God Locates You":** Among the myriad teachings offered by Apostle Joshua Selman, "When the Mercy of God Locates You" stands out as a transformative message. Delving into the boundless mercy of God, this teaching explores the profound impact of divine favor, grace, and mercy when it locates an individual's life. It unveils the redemptive power and life-altering consequences of God's mercy, offering hope and restoration to those who feel lost or burdened. **Apostle Joshua Selman's Teaching Style:** Apostle Joshua Selman's teaching style is marked by a unique blend of deep spiritual insights, scriptural exegesis, and relatable illustrations. His ability to simplify complex spiritual concepts makes his teachings accessible to individuals at various levels of spiritual maturity. **Global Impact and Reach:** Through Koinonia and ENI's various platforms, Apostle Joshua Selman's teachings reach millions globally, transcending geographical boundaries. The ministry's online presence ensures that individuals from diverse cultures and nations can access these transformative teachings, fostering a global community united in pursuit of spiritual growth. **Beyond the Pulpit:** Apostle Joshua Selman's influence extends beyond the pulpit, as he actively engages in humanitarian efforts, mentorship programs, and initiatives that uplift communities. His commitment to holistic transformation reflects the embodiment of his teachings in practical, tangible ways. **Conclusion:** In the tapestry of contemporary spirituality, Apostle Joshua Selman and Koinonia stand as a testament to the enduring power of transformative teachings. The resonance of "When the Mercy of God Locates You" echoes through the lives of countless individuals, illustrating the profound impact of divine mercy and the universal quest for spiritual communion fostered by Koinonia and Eternity Network International. As this journey unfolds, the legacy of Apostle Joshua Selman continues to shape the spiritual landscape, guiding seekers towards a deeper, more meaningful connection with the divine.


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