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Title:Ultimate New Facebook Strategy (Ep. 325)

Our guest today doesn’t believe in EEAT, doesn't do any link building, uses AI to help in her content creation, makes most of her money from ads, and lost quite a bit of traffic in the recent round of updates. And yet her profits are actually the same now as they were before AI and the recent updates. In this episode, Gael sits down with Anne Moss - the archetype of a niche site builder that Google has been going after - to discuss exactly how she managed to do this, so you can too. ____________________________________________ A special thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Digital PR Agency Search Intelligence: ____________________________________________ ► If you want to learn how to start and grow profitable authority sites, visit The Authority Site System: ► Subscribe: to learn more secret authority site tips. ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► LinkedIn: ____________________________________________ Follow Anne on Twitter: @AnneMossYeys ____________________________________________ Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:52 Who is Anne Moss? 07:52 Updating The Strategy 12:31 Picking Content Ideas 14:31 Challenging “The Vision” 20:05 Why Facebook? 25:53 The Facebook Cat Story 29:26 Traffic-Generating Posts 36:22 AI (Part 1) 41:06 Google RPMs vs. Facebook RPMs 44:09 Traffic Report 51:27 The Ecosystem Idea 53:58 The Google News Stand Analogy 55:59 AI (Part 2) 1:01:38 Content Process 1:09:34 Social Traffic Referrals 1:18:30 EEAT Disbelief 1:24:16 Web Publisher Association 1:30:59 A Message of Hope 1:32:41 Outro


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