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Title:The Secret Second Ending of Tetris

A video describing the treacherous path to the true end level of NES Tetris: Level 255, and an overview of the techniques we'll need to learn to reach it. Massive credit to HydrantDude for making this video possible. Check out the informational videos he's made on his channel: why the colors glitch out at level 138 - why clearing a single at level 155 crashes nes tetris - Also, check out his Crash Theory spreadsheet, if you'd like to learn more about how specifically to avoid the crash: Credit to these people for some footage: Ecstasy Of Order - The Tetris Masters Chambers_N Gaming - Donkey Kong Former WR Jamey Pittman - Pac-Man Perfect Game De Martian - Level 256 TAS And if you want to learn more about how we got to where we are with rolling: Music Used: HOME - Before the Night Aaron Krogh - Good Memories Luminist - Solar Movement Amacha Music Studio - Moon HOME - Sleep PeriTune - World_OP2 (Music Box) Celeste Piano Collections - Reach For The Summit Dead End Wonder - Kiri no mori (Misty Forest) Celeste Piano Collections - Quiet and Falling HOME - 4 (Resting State, Extended) Amacha Music Studio - Nemurinitsuku Sekai (A World to sleep in) Chapters: 0:00 - Blue Scuti's Game 0:36 - The Beginning 2:54 - The Glitched Colors 4:55 - The True Killscreen 6:34 - Avoiding the Crash 14:08 - The Levels From Hell 16:24 - Rebirth Thanks for watching!


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