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Title:Eastern Front animated: 1943/44

As 1942 ended, it became clear that Germany would not be able to defeat the Red Army. The question was, now that the resources of the Soviet Union had been greatly reduced and the Germans had the defensive advantage, did the Red Army have the strength to push the Germans back and avoid a stalemate? Patreon: Sources: David Glantz - When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler. Earl F. Ziemke, Magna E. Bauer III - Moscow To Stalingrad: Decision In The East. Gregory Liedtke - Enduring the Whirlwind: The German Army and the Russo-German War 1941-1943. Karl-Heinz Frieser - Germany and the Second World War - Volume VIII - The Eastern Front 1943-1944 Unit symbols: Order of Battle: Map: Terrain Europe: Elevation map of Europe - European Environment Agency. Outside Europe: Infrastructure: USSR: Europa 1: 2,500,000 Deutsche Heereskarte: Europaische Russland. 1943. Other: British 1944 1:2000,000 maps of Europe. Nerves Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License This video could not have seen the light without my Patrons: A kiel, aBi, Aleksei Safronov, Alex Ogier, Andrew Gilbert, Anton Yang, Arta Yusa, aserehuehue, Bartlomiej, Binyamin Even, Bogdan Sacarea, Burkay Ozturk, Daniel Benhardt, David Salm, David Weidman, Ehood Garmiza, Elijah Gutman, Fabrice Egal, Federico Peyrani,, gartonschwärt, Georges Chouinard, Håvard Damsberg, Herr Burns, HUAR3Z, Ismar Kunic, Joe Fournier, jovianArchiver, Juan Escobar, Just A Random Contributor, Kelek72, Kyle Askine, Larry Brown, Leonardo Rivas, Louis Burke, LT Marshall Faulds, Marc, Mario Babić, Mark Fabian, Martin Raadik, MattTheFree, Mi Liu, Michael Schneider, Michalis Yerakakis, Mikhail Kyurshin, Nezquik, Nicholas Cubbon, omega21, omer glickman, Pace Lowery, Philip Brain, Reindeer, Rob H, Robert Fisher, Ryan Shelbaugh, SociableG, STRONTJESBERG, swagmasterx420, Sylvester Stalin, Ted Johansson, TheMostEvilCookie, Tibor Helienek, VonKickass, William Nettles, x5tr3m3, xeioex, Yang Wei Feng, yellowLia, Yury Kuchanov, 唐健.


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