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Title:Can Germans understand Old English? | Language Challenge | Part 2 | Feat. @simonroper9218

This is a continuation of our Old English language challenge. We're trying to find out if German speakers can understand Old English. As usual big thanks to @simonroper9218 for coming back to the channel and sharing his Old English expertise with us all. Check out his channel if you want to learn more about historic linguistics. In this episode of the Germanic languages comparison series we focus on understanding mostly the spoken language. 🤓 Join the Ecolinguist DISCORD community → 🟥 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤗 Big thanks to: Fernando (Instagram @captain.calendar), Moritz and Eric (Instagram: @eric.lambrecht) from Germany. 📝 Volunteer your language skills for future videos → 🏋️‍♀️ Support my Work: My name is Norbert Wierzbicki and I am the creator of @Ecolinguist channel. You can support my work by volunteering to participate in the future videos or donating to the project. ☕️ Donations →​ (I appreciate every donation no matter how big or small🤠) 📱 Follow me on Instagram: @the.ecolinguist 🎥Recommended videos: Part 1 of the video → Simon and Moritz discuss English and North Frisian relationship → Dutch vs English → 🤓 Can American, Australian, and Non-Native English speaker understand Old English? → 🤓 American, Australian, and Non-Native English speaker vs Old English | #2 → 🤠 Old Norse | Can Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic speakers understand it? @Jackson Crawford ​→ 🤓 (feat. Eric) German vs Dutch vs Flemish | Can they understand the German Language? → 🤓 Latin Language Spoken | Can Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speakers understand it? → 🎥Romance Languages Comparison Playlist → 🎥Slavic Languages Comparison Playlist → 🕰 Time Stamps: 🤗 Big hug for everyone reading my video descriptions! You rock! 🤓💪🏻 #languagechallenge


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