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Title:t-Test - Full Course - Everything you need to know

What is a t-test and when is it used? What types of t-tests are there? What are hypotheses and prerequisites in a t-test? How is a t-test calculated and how are the results interpreted? The t-test is a statistical test procedure and checks whether there is a significant difference between the means of two groups. There are three types of t-test: the one-sample t-test, the independent samples t-test and the paired samples t-test. We go through all three types in this video. ► t-Test Online Calculator ► t-Test Tutorial: ► t-Test for one sample Tutorial: ► t-Test for independent samples: ► t-Test for dependent samples: ► E-BOOK Levene's test: Normality test: 0:00 What does this video teach you about the t-test? 0:20 What is a t-test? 0:54 Types of t-Test 1:06 What is a t-test for one sample? 1:45 What is a t-test for independent samples? 2:28 What is a t-test for paired samples? 3:04 What is the difference between a dependent sample and an independent sample? 3:22 One sample t-test and the relationship to paired sample t-test. 4:08 What are the assumptions for a t-test? 5:15 What are the hypotheses in the t-test? 6:17 What do you need a t-test for? 7:25 How is a t-test calculated? 9:42 What does the p-value tell us about the t-test? 10:19 What is the significance level in a t-test? 11:03 How do I read the critical t-value? 13:12 Calculating the p-value for a t-test 13:50 Calculating a t-test online with DATAtab 14:17 Interpreting the results of the t-test 14:43 What is the difference between a one-sided and a two-sided t-test?


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