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Title:Sergei Polunin // DON QUIXOTE (Near-complete Basil/Basilio Performance)

Stanislavsky Ballet "Don Quixote". Performed 2012, 2013, 2014 Basil/Basilio: Sergei Polunin (Сергей Полунин) Kitri: Erika Mikirticheva Sancho Panza: Georgy Gusev Don Quixote: Ivan Mikhalev Espada: Georgi Smilevski Mercedes: Maria Potapova Queen of the Dryads: Kristina Shapran Street dancer: Valeria Mukhanova Music: Ludwig Minkus Choreography: Marius Petipa, Alexander Gorsky Conductor: Anton Grishanin This isn't a complete ballet. But it appears to include most of the scenes Basil/Basilio (Polunin) appears in. I edited together footage I found of performances from 2012-2014 to create one performance that was as complete as possible. This also isn't a professional recording or editing. I made it for my own enjoyment and am sharing it for those who may like it, despite the varying quality of footage and editing. It opens with the lowest quality video. Higher quality footage begins at 3:24 when Kitri arrives. Even higher quality footage begins at 5:20 when Basil arrives. After that, video qualities are mixed throughout, using as little low resolution video as possible. The longest stretch of low quality video begins at 56:33 and ends at 1:04:50. There are also several cuts in the scenes where no footage for that part of the performance was available. The audio is also of varying quality. I also included extras of Sergei's solos and a couple extra curtain calls. Source videos: and *** I don't own the rights to any of this video footage and have no affiliation with the original content creators. It was edited and shared for entertainment purposes only and not for profit. You can follow Sergei on Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube: If you'd like to see more Sergei Polunin content, feel free to subscribe: *** SYNOPSIS: ( Prologue Don Quixote, having read his fill of romances about knights and chivalry, sets off on his travels in order to achieve great feats, which will bring glory to his name. As his sword-bearer, he chooses the loyal Sancho Panza, a man of sober outlook who is not prone to dreams. Act I In Barcelona there is festive animation in the air. Kitri, daughter of the innkeeper, is flirting with Basilio, the barber, who is in love with her. Finding them together Lorenzo, Kitri’s father, chases Basilio away: the barber is no fit match for his daughter. Lorenzo intends Kitri to marry Gamache, a rich noble­man. Kitri refuses outright to submit to her father’s will. At the height of the merry-making, Don Quixote appears in the square, accompanied by his sword bearer, Sancho Panza. Catching sight of the innkeeper, Don Quixote mistakes him for the owner of a knight’s castle and greets him with respect. Lorenzo responds in like terms and invites Don Quixote into the inn. Sancho Panza is left in the square. But when some young people start to mock Sancho ,Don Quixote immediately hurries to his sword-bearer’s rescue. Seeing Kitri, Don Quixote thinks she is the beautiful Dulcinea whom he has seen in his dreams and chosen as ‘the lady of his heart’. But Kitri disappears. She has run off with Basilio. Lorenzo,Gamache and Don Quixote set out to look for her. Act II Scene 1 Kitri and Basilio are hiding in a tavern. Here they are found by Lorenzo, Gamache and Don Quixote. Lorenzowishes to make an immediate announce­ment of the betrothal of Kitri and Gamache. But Basilio, by agreement with Kitri, pretends to take his life. Kitri sobs over the body of her sweetheart. Don Quixote overcоme by noble indignation accuses Lorenzo of hardheartedness and, threatening him with his sword forces him to agree to his daughter’s marriage with the barber Basilio jumps to his feet.There is no point in him pretending to be dead any longer. Scene 2 [MISSING] Don Quixote and Sancho watch a puppet show at a gypsy encampment. In his delusional state, Don Quixote attempts to rescue the puppets and injures himself in the process. Scene 3 [MOSTLY MISSING] Sancho Panza settles Don Quixote down in a forest to sleep, while he runs for help. Don Quixote dreams of Dulcinea surrounded by Dryads and fairies. Sancho Panza comes back with the Duke and Duchess who have been hunting in the forest. They invite the travelers to visit them in their castle. Act III All is ready at the castle for the reception of Don Quixote. Having heard from Sancho Panza the story of Kitri and Basilio’s love, the Duke and Duchess allow them to hold their wedding in the castle. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza occupy the seats of honor. A solemn procession files past. Don Quixote again mis­takes Kitri for Dulcinea, but is finally persuaded that she is the innkeeper’s daughter he helped to unite with Basilio. The festivities continue and all thank the va­liant knight and his faithful sword-bearer.


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