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Title:Tabligh and Wilayat - 6th Night Muharram 1435 - English - Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi

- "One man has made a difference in history, one man can make a difference in history." - "A dead heart is the only heart that can raise another dead heart." - "Take ownership of this religion, and you will see the changes that will happen in your society." - It is our responsbility to make sure that out neighbour is safe, and hunger-free. - By doing good helping others and saying that your name is Muhammad or Ali, that is enough to spread the world of Islam. - It was Hussain who changed hearts, because he worked from the grass roots with people. - All of this media power that we have, if we were to structure ourselves, we could create a revolution. - Everywhere Imam Ali went, he would preach the Khutba of Silooni, saying "Ask me, Ask me, before you lose me." - "When Musa had a problem, he went to Khizr. When Khizr had a problem, he went to Amirul Momineen." - "Today if we're sitting here know that we have one thing in common, the wilayah of Ali ibn Abi Talib." - "The only thing that will benefit me is the Wilayat of Amirul Momineen." - "Had it not been for the Wilayat of Amirul Mumineen, there is nothing in the world that we would call complete." "I was planning on speaking about something else, but when the Wilayat of Amirul Mumineen (A.S.) comes, you're handicapped." MP3: Recited By:Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi Date: November 9, 2013


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