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Title:Working with stuckness in the therapy room

One of the most frequent things I hear from therapists and trauma survivors alike is that the therapy and/or the recovery journey has become ‘stuck’. This stuckness then often provokes frustration from others: ‘Why can’t you just … [move on / let go of the past / stop being triggered] etc.’ But stuckness actually makes perfect sense, and is part of the neurobiology of trauma as a strategy of safety-seeking: staying stuck often feels safer than becoming unstuck. Watch this 10-minute video to see how compassion and a non-judgmental approach can validate the client’s reasons for being stuck, rather than loading on criticism and blame. ————— My name is Carolyn Spring. I’m an author, trainer, and trauma survivor. Through my writing and speaking, I help people to recover from trauma. If you want to learn more about trauma, dissociation and recovery – either for yourself or to help others – then this is the place for you. My unique perspective is the ‘both/and’ of a survivor-professional – combining the latest neuroscience research and the clinical literature (making the complex simple!) with the personal: someone who’s actually been there. Learn more about me and my work here: Free trauma resources. Get one of these two guides delivered to your inbox: - 'Guide for Therapists: A Three Phase Approach to Trauma Treatment' (50+ pages). A must-read for anyone working therapeutically with trauma. - 'Trauma Survivors’ Resource Guide' (100+ pages). Neurobiology-based, practical advice to help with flashbacks, triggers, and managing our mental health after trauma. Find out more and sign up to the mailing list here: If you’re interested in healing from trauma yourself or want to know more about my story, you can find resources including my blog, podcast, books and online courses here: If you’re a counsellor, therapist, other mental health professional or counselling student in training, please consider joining our Trauma Recovery Community: I’ve delivered live training to over 17,000 delegates and now over 40,000 online learners can access all of my courses from the comfort of their own home or office: You can follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: X/Twitter: LinkedIn:


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