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Title:David Woo - Middle East Regional War & $100 Oil Price

Buy & Store Gold at Hard Assets Alliance: : Is there a potential for a regional war and if so what will this do to oil prices. David Woo is based in Tel Avi, Israel and provides a first-hand view of what is happening in Israel after the Iranian drone attacks and what he thinks will happen next. David is the former head of Global Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange, Emerging Markets Fixed Income Strategy & Economics at Bank of America (that's a mouthful), is taking his knowledge from Wall St to Main St with David Woo Unbound. David believes a new Cold War has begun with the U.S. and Europe against China and Russia. Links: Hard Assets Alliance for all your gold and silver needs David Woo Unbound Timeline 00:00 Iran Attacks 00:46 I Was Wrong 01:17 Attack Was Highly Staged 02:27 How Did U.S. Know 03:44 Geopolitics & U.S. Election 05:55 I Didn't Think Iran Would Attack 07:15 Israel's Objective Rafah 11:00 Iran & Hamas 12:48 U.S. Knew Attack Was Coming 12:39 Oil Prices 17:49 Iranian Oil Production 20:10 Potential for Regional War 23:15 David's Thesis 25:00 Where Does Oil Go 25:42 Ukraine Drone Attacks & Oil 29:13 Conclusion WAIVER & DISCLAIMER If you register for this webinar/interview you agree to the following: This webinar is provided for information purposes only. All opinions expressed by the individuals in this webinar/interview are solely the individuals’ opinions and neither reflect the opinions, nor are made on behalf of, Bloor Street Capital Inc. Presenters will not be providing legal or financial advice to any webinar participants or any person watching a recorded version of the webinar. The investing ideas and strategies discussed on this webinar/interview are not recommendations to buy or sell any security and are not intended to provide any investment advise of any kind, but are made available solely for educational and informational purposes. Investments or strategies mentioned in this webinar/interview may not be suitable for your particular investment objectives, financial situation, or needs. You should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any investment strategy discussed in this webinar/interview. All webinar participants or viewers of a recorded version of this webinar should obtain independent legal and financial advice. All webinar participants accept and grant permission to Bloor Street Capital Inc. and its representatives in connection with such recording. The information contained in this webinar/interview is current as of April, 2024, the date of this webinar/interview, unless otherwise indicated, and is provided for information purposes only. Bloor Street Capital was paid a fee for this Interview.


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