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Title:Police Officer Saves Money, QUITS, Moves Family Off Grid

Single income Police Officer supports family of 6, and manages to save $200K in a few years by taking these simple steps towards financial freedom. Family pays off debt, buys homestead using cash, and is building debt free in Idaho. To see more please like and subscribe Check us out on Check us out on Instagram @goodsimpleliving About Us: Our family of 6 is taking what we have learned farming our 1 acre in WA, and will be building a brand new homestead from the ground up in Idaho. We raise meat rabbits, meat chickens, laying hens, and have a real passion for compost! We grow fruit, and prune our own trees, and grow all of our own produce. We save our own seed, and can hundreds of jars a year from our garden bounty. We homeschool our children, and firmly believe they should smell like sunshine, and dirt at the end of the day. We want our kids to have real world skills, and know how to do things, as well as have a deep understanding of faith, history, music, and anything else they are passionate about. We are lifelong learners, and can’t wait to learn and explore more as we start our new journey building in the great American Redoubt!


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