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Title:Gaza: Understanding the Houthis & Will US Muslims Abandon Biden? with Sami Hamdi

We have now passed three months of the Gaza slaughter, and according to the UN, Gaza has become uninhabitable. During these past few days, we have seen another frenetic series of diplomatic meetings by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the region as the US looks to consolidate the status quo. The genocidal intent of the Israeli state. If it was unclear at the start of the conflict, it is clear now that the United States has given the green light to the Israelis to mete out their punishment. The Arab and Muslim states have, it seems, mostly acquiesced with the US. In public, they condemn, whereas in private, they look the other way or, in the case of Egypt, conspire with the US and Israel to make sure Gaza’s resistance is erased. We have, however, seen signs, that can be interpreted as further escalation. The Houthis in Yemen have now accosted over 20 ships in the Red Sea, and on Lebanon's southern border, there remains an active engagement with Israeli soldiers. To help us understand the complexities of the current crisis, I have invited Sami Hamdi back into the studio. Sami is the director of the International Interest, a risk advisory. Listen to the audio version of the podcast: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Join our Patreon to get access to exclusive monthly Zoom calls: You can also support The Thinking Muslim through a one-time donation: Sign up to Muhammad Jalal's newsletter: Purchase our Thinking Muslim mug: Find us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Telegram: Host: Website Archive: #thethinkingmuslimpodcast episode131 Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 2:30 Houthis Red Sea 7:10 Iran and Houthis 12:01 The US and Houthis 20:20 The US and Saudis 24:56 Escalation Hizbullah 32:07 Nasrullah Strategy 35:45 US Escalation 38:00 Biden’s Red Lines? 46:19 Public Opinion 1:03:26 Abandon Biden 1:13:46 The UK Election Vote 1:44:12 Jannah


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