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Title:Sangailės vasara

Sangailė is a simple girl who dreams of becoming a stunt pilot but her lack of self-confidence and vertigo are preventing her from getting into a cockpit. Sangailė meets another teenage girl, Austė, at an air show. As the two girls spend more time together Austė finds ways to get alone time with Sangailė. Throughout the film Sangailė is shown cutting herself in her bathroom. Austė uses photography and fashion to highlight Sangaile's inner and outer beauty. The two girls become romantically involved and they enjoy their summer days together revealing their passions and secrets. Austė tries to help Sangailė stop cutting herself by becoming her support system and listening to her. There are scenes between Sangailė and her parents that show a strained relationship between her and her mother. Eventually Austė convinces Sangailė to go on a stunt plane ride but Sangailė's vertigo kicks in causing her to feel sick and blame Austė. Sangailė eventually apologizes to Austė for yelling and ignoring her. With the support of Austė, Sangailė decides to train herself to get over her vertigo so she can ride in a plane again. The film ends with two years having passed since Austė and Sangailė last saw each other and both are living their dreams. Austė got into fashion school and Sangailė is flying planes for the air show.


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