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Title:Village people and their relations are river bathing on Sankranti (festival)

Welcome to the video Village people and their relations river bathing on sankranti (festival) Prior to any religious ceremony or occasion, many people of the village bathed in accordance with traditional custom, all the people of the village (Gram Gaon) remember the idea that the body and mind are purified after bathing (nahana)in the holy river such an ancient reform is remembered by all the people of rural Bengal of West Bengal India, also this type of reforms and thoughts are carrying the neighboring country Bangladesh and in other states of India, such as Assam Bihar Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Tamil Nadu Madhya Pradesh Maharastra etc. actually there are so many local and regional religious festival happen and then people make them refresh & purify in holy river water, there are so many Sankranti like as Makar Sankranti Mesha Sankranti Mithuna Sankranti Dhanu Sankranti Karka Sankranti Pana Sankranti etc And there are many such puja (worship) like Laksmi Durga Kali Kartik Ganesh Chhat Dasara Dolajatra etc. actually Sankranti is a solar event, Sankranti means transmigration of the Sun from one rashi to next, and it is fully astronomical matter, According to the astrologers we are all directly or indirectly controlled by planet and stars, and from that cosmic control for a long time society socialism and various types of rituals norms festival ceremony etc happening. And according to the accuracy and in the light of the astrological calculations in which time and date some social rituals religious ceremony occasion etc these will happen have been able to know well beforehand from astronomical book name is ``Ponjika``, And according to this calendar and ponjika, all Indian people of Hindu religion, perform religious rituals ceremony puja occasion etc. so first of all, people take bath on Ganga nadi Ghat in the holy river to maintain purity, It is not mandatory but everyone do that from their heart, ladies are very conscious about this, and play a leading role in their family, our women are very logical simple gentle casual and affectionate So in the rural area the casual way they take bath (snan) in the pond in the village every day, the same way they are bathing in this sacred Ganges river and collecting holy Ganges water on little container for their god and goddess Also shown In my video, Hello Friend I am thanking you for visiting Holy horizon channel and its video I would like to appreciate your presence Thank you Please… Like Share comment & Subscribe


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