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Title:Story of Stone Cold vs. Triple H | No Way Out 2001

Welcome back! Relive the story of Stone Cold against Triple H heading into the No Way Out 2001 PPV. On the February 5 edition of Raw Is War, Vince McMahon orchestrated a climactic resolution to the simmering conflict between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. The stage was set for a Two-out-of-three falls match at No Way Out, a multifaceted encounter designed to encapsulate their intense rivalry. The match structure was intricate: the first fall would unfold as a singles match, followed by a street fight for the second fall, and a steel cage match for the decisive third fall. McMahon, keen on maintaining order, implemented a "zero tolerance" policy. He declared that any pre-match attack would have severe consequences – Austin risked losing his WrestleMania match, while Triple H faced a six-month suspension. Austin, displaying a willingness to settle the score, affixed his signature to the agreement. However, Triple H, seizing an opportune moment, struck Austin from behind with a clipboard, assaulting him in a shocking turn of events. It was then revealed that Triple H had yet to sign the contract, and he did so after the ambush. In the final week before the event, the tension escalated. Austin, true to his disruptive nature, executed a Stone Cold Stunner on Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, during Raw Is War. In retaliation on SmackDown!, Triple H delivered a Pedigree to Austin's confidant and Raw play-by-play commentator, Jim Ross. The tumultuous lead-up set the stage for a No Way Out showdown that promised to be a relentless battle for supremacy, with each fall of the match offering a unique and escalating level of intensity.


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