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Title:5 MORE Beginner Bass Lines - Guaranteed To Impress [With Tabs On Screen]

►► FREE: Get the tabs, notation and practice tracks for all the bass lines in this lesson so you can start practicing them and start impressing → Check it out the original ‘5 Beginner Bass Lines’ video here → Check out volume 3 of the Beginner Bass Line series here → [TIME STAMPS FOR BASS LINES] Bass Line 1 - 0:57 Bass Line 2 - 4:24 Bass Line 3 - 5:42 Bass Line 4 - 7:41 Bass Line 5 - 10:53 This lesson, you’re going to get 5 MORE beginner bass lines that are guaranteed to impress. They’re the kind of bass lines that you can play when someone asks you the dreaded: ‘Play something for me’ Instead of playing a great song with a less than memorable bass line, you can use any of these 5 beginner bass lines to instantly get people hooked and excited about your playing. They’re catchy, and more importantly, they’re recognizable, and when your friends, family or complete strangers recognize something that you play for them, they’re instantly hooked. The lines may be simple, but to someone who doesn’t know a thing about how to play music, they hear something they know, and their opinion of your playing skyrockets - almost immediately. That’s the power of these 5 (more) beginner bass lines. Good luck with the lesson and happy playing! Cheers, Luke P.S. There were a few resources I mentioned in the video. Go here for the Super Loop of Feel Good Inc. in standard tuning: And here’s the Green Day track, but in standard tuning so you can play along with it: P.P.S. Here’s the link to download the tabs and notation so you can start practicing these bass lines for yourself. Once you nail them, you’ll always have something in your back pocket if someone ever asks you to play something for them: P.P.P.S. Here are the links to all the songs I talk about in the video:


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