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Title:Cardio Sin Saltos Para Perder Peso Rapido

Cardio No Jumps to Lose Weight Fast Download the Calendar - Hello Gorgeous! How are you? Welcome to a New Rapid Cardio Routine WITHOUT JUMPS. It lasts 20 minutes including stretching at the end. It is ideal if you have little time and want to activate your whole body quickly and effectively with Cardiovascular training. They are very varied movements where you will work the whole body simultaneously, legs, arms, buttocks, abdomen, hips ... Does not include jumps, so it is important that you apply the maximum intention and intensity in each movement you make, How ? Extending the ranges of movement and involving the maximum parts of your body in each exercise, because this will help you to raise pulsations and make it a more effective training. It is a Fast Cardio, perhaps if you are a beginner you can not follow it at first with comfort, you lose or you have to stop, if so, I invite you to practice it for several days and you will notice how each time you increase your reflexes, mobility , coordination and control over your body. If you have limitations in exercising with impact this routine can be very well suited to you. I hope you like it and enjoy it With a lot of love, Maria 🌹 Cardio No Jumps to Lose Weight Fast #sientetejoven #ejercicioencasa #cardio #sinsaltos


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