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Title:The story behind India's Narendra Modi | ABC News

Has Modi lost his aura of invincibility? Is his past catching up with him? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most powerful people in the world. He has transformed his nation into an emerging superpower everyone wants to do business with. But he's also created an environment where no journalist is allowed to ask him questions, and many critics are scared of voicing public dissent. This leaves many unanswered questions about the man himself. Avani Dias travels around India in search of answers about who Modi is and how he has shaped the world's most populous nation. 00:00 Avani Dias's visa extension was denied by Indian authorities 00:50 How democratic is India? 01:36 Modi wins another five years as Prime Minister 02:25 Who actually is Narendra Modi? 02:41 Anthony Albanese and Narendra Modi attend cricket match in Gujarat. 04:10 Narendra Modi's relationship with journalists and a free press 04:31 Modi speaking at US congress saying India is the 'Mother of Democracy' 05:00 India's election - the biggest and most complicated with 945 million registered voters and a million polling stations 05:48 Narendra Modi's story begins in northwestern India in Vadnagar 06:11 What was the village like where Modi grew up? 06:51 Modi portrays himself as the political outsider and common man 08:36 Religion in India, secularism, Hindu nationalism and the RSS 12:24 Modi and his marriage 16:41 Modi rises through the ranks of the RSS and cut ties with his family 17:33 Modi becomes chief minister of Gujarat, estranged wife finds him. 18:25 Modi goes public about his marriage 19:20 Modi moves to Kolkata and then into the Himalayas and follows the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and expresses desire to become a monk 23:16 Avani Dias visits a Swami Vivekananda ashram 25:00 How Vivekananda and Hinduism has impacted Modi's politics and policies 26:46 Narendra Modi and the BJP organise a Hindu march to a Muslim mosque in Ayodhya 29:12 The mosque was demolished during the riots and 2,000 people killed 34:00 February 2002 Godhra train fire 35:00 Riots break out in Gujarat. More than 1,000 people die - mostly Muslims. 38:00 Narendra Modi walks out of interview with Karan Thapar on CNN IBN over the Gujarat riots 39:33 Narendra Modi's US visa application is denied over religious freedom concerns 40:10 Modi wins 2007 election in Gujarat 40:45 He is announced as leader of BJP in the 2013 election. He wins. 41:52 The Clean India Mission to give every Indian a toilet 42:44 India's economy under Modi 43:16 Modi invited back to US and a state dinner with Joe Biden. 43:00 India's relationship with western countries 45:00 Avani Dias's visa cancelled. *EDITOR'S NOTE: This video incorrectly implies that India’s original constitution included the word ‘secular’. While the Supreme Court of India affirmed during the 1960s that secularism is a basic feature of India’s 1950 constitution, the word was inserted in a constitutional amendment in 1976, changing the description of India from "sovereign, democratic republic" to "sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic. Subscribe: Read more here: Welcome to ABC News In-depth, where you'll find our long-form journalism and other videos to help you understand what's going on in the world around you. Watch more ABC News content ad-free on ABC iview: For more from ABC News, click here: Get breaking news and livestreams from our ABC News channel: Like ABC News on Facebook: Follow ABC News on Instagram: Follow ABC News on Twitter: Note: In most cases, our captions are auto-generated. #ABCNewsIndepth #ABCNewsAustralia


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