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Title:Nirvana Live at The Paramount Tone

Recreating Kurt Cobain's tone from Nirvana's legendary homecoming performance at The Paramount Theater in Seattle on 10/31/91. Featured is my roadworn Fender Vandalism Stratocaster. This was my first guitar, it was originally a beginner's Squier Stratocaster but many mods later is now my Vandalism Strat! The only part of the guitar that is original is the body itself. Let me know which show you want to hear next! Gear used: Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar (road worn) Fender Vandalism Stratocaster (Seymour Duncan 59N humbucker, Tex-Mex single coils) Boss DS-2 Distortion Pedal Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal Eleven Rack for clean amp sound 0:08 - Side by side comparison 0:59 - Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam 1:58 - Aneurysm 2:51 - Drain You 4:08 - School 4:36 - Floyd The Barber 5:01 - Smells Like Teen Spirit 6:03 - About a Girl 7:00 - Polly 7:33 - Breed 8:24 - Sliver 9:07 - Love Buzz 9:34 - Lithium 10:34 - Been a Son 11:01 - Negative Creep 11:51 - On a Plain 12:34 - Blew 13:37 - Rape Me 14:30 - Territorial Pissings 14:55 - Endless, Nameless 16:15 - Settings Vandalism Strat Stickers - use coupon code "nirvanaguitars" to get 2 for the price of 1: Lomic Guitars - Where I got my custom 2021 Jag-Stang Pickguard: My amazon storefront where you can find some of these parts: Learn Nirvana songs with Fender Play! Follow me on instagram at @nirvanaguitars for Nirvana gear related content Check out my progressive punk band at Check out my acoustic project at


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